Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twelve poles forward, two steps back

Legend was doing great at her weave pole performance. Until this week. She's starting to pop out at pole 10 again. Today wasn't as bad as her last session but it wasn't as good as before. Oh well, I hadn't expected it to be that easy anyway.

Lyric continues to improve by leaps and bounds. Her understanding of weave poles seems to come and go, but she's getting there. I need to get her out to the field to work on the chute more, or fix mine.

Zodiac has ups and downs with utility. His articles have been a little better, although we have not worked them much. Right now we are struggling the most with gloves. I tried to practice his turns separately from actually getting the gloves. I needed to improve his turns for one, and two, he wasn't being that accurate on the glove retrieval. Well, his turns are a lot better, but not so much his accuracy. He seems fixated on glove number two.

I spent the weekend helping at a MOKAN booth at a local herding trial. We brought Trip, but no one showed much interest. No one we would approve anyway. This weekend though he's going to a NADAC trial with us, so hopefully better luck there.


Sirius Scientist said...

I'd love to see videos! Can't wait to hear how they progress!

We just completed our first week and loved what we've done so far. Interesting to see how it goes this week, as I've been told I need to take it one day at a time and I'll never know what to expect :)

Border Collie Mom said...

After about a year of doing weaves flawlessly, Maggie decided to start popping out at pole 10. It started when I began pulling off the poles instead of supporting them until the end, and after 1 or 2 pop-outs, she decided it was okay to do from then on. I had to sternly tell her no and then send her right back into them. After a couple of times of getting tough, she has never had the problem again... other problems, but not that one.