Tuesday, June 12, 2012

False Alarm

Two of the puppies from Savannah's litter tested positive for parvo when rescue pulled them.  One never got sick and the other only spent a few days in the hospital.  But when they brought Savannah to me they mentioned she hadn't eaten well that morning.  She wouldn't eat when we got home that night and didn't eat again the next morning.  Then she had one episode of diarrhea and three episodes of vomiting and just acted a tiny bit puny.  So obviously I was quite concerned it was her turn to get parvo, especially when I found out one of the other puppies was also now sick.  So not only did I leave Jerry alone overnight with a new foster puppy, I left him with a sick one! 

I started her on Cerenia and Metronidazole I had at the house and by evening he texted me to say she was no longer vomiting and was eating.  The trend continued and by the time I got home yesterday she was a wild and hungry girl!  Crisis averted-probably the stress of moving and the car ride and parasites and maybe even corona virus contributed.  But as long as she's better we don't really care what it was.

She has already leaned how to do the stairs, has been getting on and off the small dog agility table, ran through a full length straight 15 foot tunnel, gotten into the baby pool on her own and started up the a-frame!  And she slept all night quietly in her crate without having an accident.  What a good puppy!


Sue said...

Glad it's not parvo. She sounds like a winner.

Sara said...

She sounds absolutely brilliant. Glad she's not sick.

Kathy said...

Whew, thank heavens she sounds
Ike she turned the corner and can be a happy healthy puppy now yea!!!,! She is just sooooo pretty, someone is going to be so happy when they find her for their new family member :-).