Friday, June 15, 2012


There has actually been a few other things going on besides puppy stuff!

Before we headed to Osage Beach to pick up Savannah we ran a 5K in the morning.  I knocked another 35 seconds off my time getting me closer to my goal of under 25 minutes. 

The other reason (well, actually the main reason we went to Osage Beach) was for Renny to Dock Dive.  It was a really big event and we had fun even though we had to wait forever for a table with a view of the pool but here she is jumping.
And here is Kennedy grooming Squirt.  She really wanted to ride, but it was getting late and  was feeding time so we talked her into just brushing.  Which she did.  For a very long time.  We had to drag her back inside after she insisted she wanted to sleep with the horses.  We may have created a monster. 

And in case you need a puppy fix, here is video of Savannah playing.


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