Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Savannah and other musings

Here are more pictures of Savannah...because you can never have too many cute puppy pictures.

In other news we ran another 5k this weekend and I met my goal of under 25 minutes.  Which of course means I need to set a new goal of under 24 minutes!  Might take me a bit but I think I can get there. 

The bunnies are not best friends yet, but they are doing some good bonding.  Fingers crossed.

We have done only a little bit of agility lately and its has only gone so-so.  I set up a really challenging discrimination and they are not handling it well.  I guess I should make it a little easier so they have more success. 

Our local 3 day AKC trial is this weekend so you know that means!  Let's hope we can get this done at home.  Lyric is only running jumpers.  I still want to get her on more teeters before trying standard again.  I think I will have some time to do more of that next week. 

Saw a good old-fasioned case of heat stroke today.  It's not a good idea to leave your Boxer chained up outside in the sun for 45 minutes with no water.  This dog's temp was 107 when he arrived at the clinic, not even able to stand.  We did get him cooled down and he was up walking, not panting when I transferred him to the overnight emergenc clinic.  107 is pretty catastrophic though, he's certainly not out of the woods. 

Why are owner's unable to make the connection between their dog limping and being in pain?  I can't tell you how many times I've heard "he limps, but I don't think he's in pain."  It's like they expect them to whine and cry all the time.  Do you whine and cry all the time when you are in pain?  Do you limp because your leg DOESN'T hurt?  I don't get it. 

Have I mentioned Savannah loves the pool?  Because she does.  She is always wet. 

I think that is all.


Karissa said...

That is one fluffy puppy!

Good luck this weekend!

Diana said...

Yea , and if they are limping that means it really hurts. Usually the dog doesnt show anything until its extreme. Poor dogs

Greg S said...

Good luck this weekend - I hope you get it! At our last AKC show, Skye got QQ #19 toward MACH2, and I had one shot at it and we didn't do it - which reminds me, I was going to post about that! We wont get another shot until almost the end of July.