Sunday, June 24, 2012

The rest

Obviously our weekend (and our party) did not end Friday after standard.  First, I had promised Legend ice cream if she got her MACH so we headed straight to Andy's Frozen Custard from the trial site.  Admittedly, the "small cup of vanilla" I ordered her was larger than I expected, but I let her eat it all anyway.

She went on to get two more jumpers Qs this weekend-all of them lovely runs.  In standard the second obstacles Saturday and Sunday were the A-frame and the teeter, respectively.  And we all know how that goes down.  Oh well.

Saturday night we all went to Cheri's to visit with our friend from Albuquerque which also turned into a mini-MACH party as well-complete with cake.  And Legend even got her very own hamburger.  And no, she hasn't been sick from all this junk food yet!

Sunday we enjoyed more MACH cupcakes at the trial thanks to Lori from Border Collie Mom Blog.

Lyric only ran jumpers this weekend but had a nice Q on Friday to start off our weekend  Yesterday was not quite as good but today was really nice.  I didn't run it the way I walked it which ended up causing us an NQ but Lyric did a great job.  Now if we can get standard sorted out.

Savannah was angelic at her first trial!  She was quiet in her crate, learned how to potty right away outside on the leash in a strange place and socialized with lots of dogs and people.  No official takers yet, but some that are tempted.

This afternoon we headed to the lake to meet Cheri and Steve on the boat.  This was a lovely way to end the weekend.  Until the boat broke down.  Fortunately they were able to call a friend to tow us in but not without the hypothetical discussion on whether we would rather starve to death or eat each other.  (We were not that far from civilization but still,  it's a pretty helpless feeling when a boat breaks down.) The boat did start up again before we reached the dock but I hear it's still getting checked out before the next lake day!
That's Xena with us-she's trying to catch all the waves.  And when there aren't enough, she splashes the water to make her own to try and catch!

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Nicole said...

aww awesome cake! congrats!!