Monday, December 31, 2012


Not a lot happened
Legend made a tragic, and as of yet, final appearance in the obedience ring
I worked my first spay day event at the shelter

Zodiac turned 11
Jelly crossed the Rainbow Bridge
I finally saw Brad Paisley

Lyric had a modeling job

We ran our first 5k of the year
Kennedy turned 3

We began our cross country journey to AKC nationals

We eventually returned home
Kahuna came to live with us!
Holly got adopted
Squirt turned 16
Lyric finished her Open Weavers title

I finished my first half-marathon
Kennedy went on her first ride
We made our annual trek to Purina Farms for a scorching hot NADAC funraiser
Legend finished her Elite Chances title

Foster puppy Savannah came
Linda and I had floor seats to the Kenny Chesney concert
Legend finished her MACH!!
We ran our first 10k
Savannah got adopted
We celebrated 11 years of marriage in Minnesota
At long last, Legend finished her Novice Touch N Go title
Lyric finished her Open Tunnelers and Elite Jumpers titles

We put in new floors
The bunnies finally bonded
Lyric did the teeter at a trial for the first time in months
I went to a CE conference

We went to Alaska
Apparently that was all!

We got new carpet
Lyric turned 6
Foster dog Abby came
Lyric got 3 standard Qs in a row!
Abby got adopted

Legend went a year without a seizure
Then, she turned 7
Legend finished her Elite Weavers and Outstanding Elite Regular titles

Legend ran her first two 5ks with me
I did some swine work for the first time since vet school

And that about sums it up.  Happy new year-see you in 2013!


tervnmal said...

What a wonderful year!

Sue said...

Sounds like a good year. Hope the next one is, too. Happy New Year.