Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scanning project-pet stuff

In case you didn't guess by the horse post I've been scanning.

Zodiac in his chair

 Squirt as a four year old

 Squirt right after I got him.  That is also my first car in the background.  I wasn't trilled that it was white but it did have a red stripe.  Both of my subsequent cars have been red.
 Zodiac loved watching the rabbits.  He's somewhat over that now.
 Two headed dog?
 Puppy Oreo!

 One of my birds-Skye
 My first dog, Sunny-the product of a lot of begging and pleading.
 Sunny as a puppy

 My first pet Colorful-a parakeet
 A rat I had in college-Piper
Who wouldn't want these under their tree?
 One of our foster dogs for Columbia Second Chance-Krissy

 Another foster-Timber, he was camera shy as you can see
 Oreo in the snow in Columbia
 Zodiac in a dog school open house performance in Columbia
 Zodiac in training
 Foster dog, Fred
 Foster dog, Taffy-only had her 6 days.  Not surprising is it?
 Foster dog, Copper
 Christmas many years ago

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Anonymous said...

The pics bring back some great memories. Thanks for posting them.