Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decision 2012

After much consideration I have decided to move Legend to AKC 16 inch preferred and NADAC 16 inch veterans starting next year.  We were supposed to head to a NADAC trial this weekend but extenuating circumstances have made than impractical so no agility until February.

Anyway, the move in NADAC was sort of a no-brainer since all the points from all the categories count together for a NATCH.  I really wanted to earn all the regular and jumpers points at her natural jump height (and now all those are taken care of) but course time and jump height don't factor in that much for chances so I'm ok with doing the rest of those at the veterans level.

AKC came as a harder decision.  I entertained the though of trying to go to Nationals again and/or get a second MACH but with the limited number of trials we have been going to and the ongoing contact issue I wasn't sure I wanted to put that kind of stress on myself or my dog.  So, we are going to do preferred.  With the new rule change I could just transfer her directly in masters classes but I think half the fun of doing preferred is getting to start in novice with a trained dog!  And since we don't really have any goals anyway, why not?  And if I want to try to go to nationals someday we can do so in the preferred division.  I know it's not the same but since we just do it for the fun and the experience anyway it doesn't really matter.

So there you have it-my big decision for the year!

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