Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back to back...and then some

Friday night Legend got to run her first 5K with me!  The starting gun and taking off in a mass of people had her a little out of sorts at first but eventually she settled in and the crowd thinned out.  And she did great-I think she really had a good time and didn't seem the least bit bothered by running harder than we usually do in training.  In fact we picked up 2nd place in my age group (she was probably the first dog but no prize for that!).

Then we turned around and did it all again Saturday morning!  This time for the Frosty Paws run which benefited the Boxer/Schnauzer rescue of the Ozarks so there were lots of dogs present.  Once again she did a great job and we picked up third place in the female with dog category.

As if that wasn't enough fun for the weekend Cheri, Jerry, and I headed down to Branson to meet my family at Silver Dollar City.  Apparently, the unseasonably warm weather was bringing droves of people to SDC this weekend and we got stuck in an insane line of traffic.  After traveling about 1/2 mile in 45 minutes we began contemplating just parking the car and walking the remaining 1.5-2 miles.  As we continued to creep along this seemed like a more and more plausible plan so as soon as we found an acceptably wide and safe looking shoulder we ditched the car and hiked it on in.  We arrived much sooner than if we had stayed in the car and since my family was already at the park we knew we had a ride back to our car once we were all ready to leave.  We thought this was pretty creative problem solving but the parents were a little less than impressed with our decision.  In fact I think terms like crazy, stupid and "you did what" were used.  Anyway, we then spent the next five hours tromping around SDC, waiting in various lines and enjoying the rides in the dark-extra fun that way!  After which we were returned to our car which was unticketed and unharmed right were we left it.

Today, I am doing nothing.


Sara said...

"girl with dog" category! Love it. Good job you two.

I would've ditched the car too. Nothing more frustrating than a traffic jam.

Diana said...

Congrats that awesome!