Sunday, June 23, 2013

Congratulations are in order

First off Finn has been adopted! A local dog trainer friend of mine saw him at the trial and asked to take him home for a test drive. She didn't bring him back. He's doing great with his new mom and dad and his two golden brothers. He's blended right in to his new home and has already been to the park and out for ice cream. He will be doing lots of ball playing and maybe some rally and obedience training. And best of all I still get to see him! We are happy for all of them but I have to admit I was a little sad tonight when I saw the big red squeaky ball sitting on the deck not being played with!

And second, apparently my BFF eloped this weekend. Congrats to a special couple!


Valeri said...

Finn is settling in very well. He has been following me around the house and locating the AC vents to lay near in each room. He and Simon have not had any issues about the toys, but they always seem to want what the other one has. There has been lots of toy trading but no real disagreements. He is very sweet and we are very glad to have him!

Karissa said...

Such wonderful news about Finn! He seemed like a special boy.