Monday, June 24, 2013


I get asked all the time how we can give up one foster dog after another and aren't we ever just tempted to keep one.  Although the last thing we want is four dogs of our own, there is actually a lot more to it than that.

Jingle (Kelly) was a heartworm positive stray.

 Peyton, Tess, and the rest of their family were in a dirty, disease-ridden shelter with a high euthanasia rate.

 Josie was in a local shelter and could not be kept indefinitely. 
 Trip ended up in the shelter with his mom after they were found wandering the streets together.
 Lilly also found herself in an unpleasant animal control facility.
 Ribbon (LeeLoo) and Po (Clancy) were born in the woods to a stray dog who took months to catch.

 Sport (Jax) was a stray who ended up in yet another shelter.
Stormy, Holli, Abby, and Quinn were all "out of time."

Savannah (Summer) and her littermates were living in poor conditions where they were all exposed to parvo. 

Finn's owner passed away. 

For every dog we foster, there are always more that need help.

Every puppy we foster gets the chance to grow up in a home with love, instead of on the street, in a shelter, or not at all.

Every adult dog we foster gets to give up a past of neglect, abandonment, sadness or mystery for a chance to know what it's like to be loved forever.
That is how we are able to do it.  That is why we do it.  And that is what will drive us to continue to do it. 
So does our house seem a little quiet tonight? Yes.  Am I a little sad every time I put away the empty crates, extra bowls, and leftover toys? Yes.  Is it worth is?  Always. 


Life with Marley said...

Thank you for doing what you do! I'm a foster failure. Fostered 2 and kept 1. So happy KK found her way into a foster home and then into her forever home!!

Nicki said...

To be fair Zodiac and Lyric were foster failures-although we were unofficially looking at the time. Legend I adopted "on purpose" at a time when I wasn't supposed to be getting another dog. I failed at "just looking."

Anonymous said...

I have Lelo and Po's mom, Kate. She was my second foster failure. I love Grace Saalsa's story "Little Pieces" that explains how foster homes can let them go and prepare for the next dog. The dog being adopted leaves a piece of their heart for you to use to begin to weave the healing into the next dog so they can someday leave you for their forever home as well. And on it goes....

Breanna said...

So awesome that you've helped so many dogs! I think you just KNOW when you found your next dog, it makes it easier to let them go (OK it's not that easy, but easier).

We fostered one dog and Sissy says never again ha! She's quite the snot with other dogs and poor Chance did really well with her. He was on "the list" so we offered our home to him. Now he spends his days mountain biking, swimming, and guinea pig watching with his new mom. Lucky guy! :)

Anonymous said...

A brilliant brilliant post!

Karissa said...

You have had the CUTEST dang fosters! You rock, thank you for all you do!

I didn't know Lyric was a foster failure. I was under the impression that you stuck with herding breed rescues. Who gave up that adorable fluffball? :o)

Nicki said...

Lyric was dropped off at the clinic where I was working to be put to sleep because she had heartworms. She was only 2 years old and not even sick yet. I refused to do it and brought her home to treat. Initially I wanted to keep her but Jerry didn't really want to (we had recently gotten back down to two dogs). Ultimately, he caved.