Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rain? Again? Really?

Is it going to rain at everything I do this year?  It rained during our race in Nashville.  It rained at the one outdoor agility trial I go to.  And then it rained at our long awaited concert.

Saturday a friend and I attended this concert to which we had sandbar/pit tickets.

We arrived at the time the gates were opening in order to get a good spot only to be greeted by a downpour and a rain delay.  We sat around for an hour and  half watching it rain from a lounge at the stadium.  Then because of the significant chaos, confusion (not to mention lack of security) when they finally decided to start and let people onto the floor we did not quite get where we wanted to be standing.  But pretty close.  There was still a pretty heavy shower during Kacey Musgraves so I didn't get out my camera yet.  But,  it started to get a little lighter during the Eli Young Band

By the time Eric Church came on it was pretty dry.  The pictures for Eric were the best.  Partly because of where he stood to sing-right in front of us.

And partly because of the timing of the sunset at the stadium.

By the time Kenny Chesney came on it was getting a little dark for decent pictures, but I tried anyway. 

Overall it was super fun being up close.  But even at that, the stage is so big that when the performers were on the far sides it was hard to see (it doesn't always pay to be 5'3").  I think if we did it again we would try to stand in a different spot and try to be in the first row-which was our original plan anyway.  Also, I could have done without the huge security guard standing right in my way the whole time.  I tried to convince him to trade me spots but he wouldn't.  He wasn't doing anything anyway, I'm sure he could have just stood there doing nothing behind me instead of in front.  Also, they really let way too many people in the pit area.  I know everyone wants those tickets but it would probably be better if there was room for people to move. 

Anyway, here is a video of Kenny and Eric singing together if you are interested. 

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Karissa said...

Super fun! I saw Kenny in concert years ago and he puts on a great show.

That sunset picture is awesome.