Thursday, June 27, 2013

Product Review: Orijen treats

I was recently given the chance to review a sample of Orijen treats by  The sample we were sent was the freeze dried Ranch Raised Lamb.

First off, all the dogs (my three plus Finn) loved them.  Not that I have any picky eaters here, but I took them to the agility trial with me as a test of how motivating they were and both girls seemed to be more than willing to work for them, even under the stress of a trial setting.

I really like that they are freeze dried.  Freeze dried treats are not stinky or greasy which is nice for people who do a lot of training and are carrying around treats and breaking them into smaller pieces.  But, they seem to maintain significant appeal to the dog at the same time.  As far as breaking them apart goes, they do break easily but can be a little crumbly.  This is better than being difficult to break  but can be a bit messy and sometimes wasteful as I end up giving the whole treat as crumbs instead of just in several smaller pieces.

They are also of limited ingredients (just lamb in this case) which is nice if your pet has a known (or unknown and you are still experimenting) food allergy or sensitivity.  They did not seem to upset Lyric's GI issues.

Bottom line, I would definitely use these again or try another variety! Here is the direct link to this treat line.

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