Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I was lazy this year and skipped pictures for this post but...

Foster dog Quinn came.
Lyric modeled for Banfield.

Cheri and I traveled to Dallas for the Hot Chocolate Run.
Zodiac turned 12.

Kennedy turned four and did an agility fun run with Legend.
Quinn got adopted.
Foster dog Finn arrived.
Legend finished her TG-O.

Apparently all we did was run.  Notable events included the Color Run, Camp Barnabas Half-marathon and the infamous Country Music Half-marathon in the rain.

It snowed. Here.  In May.
We made our annual trek to Purina Farms for some NADAC fun in the sun.  It rained.
Lyric finished her TN-E.
Legend finished her NAP, NJP, and O-TN-E.

Linda and I had amazing seats at the Kenny Chesney concert.  It rained.
FInn got adopted.
Legend finished her OJP.

We celebrated out 12th anniversary in Chicago.
Foster dog Cade arrived.  
Lyric earned her O-EJC.
Legend earned her O-ECC and S-EJC

Lyric and Icy modeled for Elanco.
The city of Waynesville flooded along with one of my regular clinics. 

Legend started tracking class.
We completed our garage remodeling project.
Legend and Lyric went to NADAC Champs where Legend made finals.
Legend finished her S-EAC.

Lyric turned 7.
We did our first trail race at Dogwood canyon.
I ran a 10K PR.
We enjoyed a week of vacation in Tennessee.
I ran a Half-marathon PR at Rock n Roll St.  Louis.
Lyric was finally spotted on the Banfield website.

Legend turned 8.
She almost finished her NATCH.
Finn returned.

We had snow to replace all our rain.
We enjoyed a lovely Carribean cruise to escape the snow.
Little Carter arrived.
Finn was adopted again.
Cade is still here. 

Happy New Year!

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