Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Around here

I thought I would take a break from vector borne disease to update what's happening around here.  

Zodiac, who is fast approaching his teen years, is on a new regimen of meds after his most recent failed attempt as using NSAIDs.  I have added Gabapentin and Duralactin to his current meds.  I don't know how much of a difference they make but they seem safe and inexpensive.  He mostly just has trouble getting up and doing stairs.  The rest of the time he does pretty good, all things considered.  

Lyric is not doing much these days.  We don't train much agility in the cold and we haven't been trialing anyway.  I was going to take the CGC with her to prepare for the therapy test but right now I'm aggravated at both the therapy group and the local dog training club.  The therapy group has recently decided to require a CGC certificate prior to taking the test.  Which is fine, but they don't offer a CGC, or provide any information on when or where you can get this done locally.  The local training club offers this test at the end of their puplic manners class.  Finding this out requires either a thorough website search or inside information as it's not readily posted.  And they only allow non-class members to take the test with the permission of the instructor.  I sent an email message to the club 2 weeks ago requesting this and haven't heard back.  So, right now, I'm in no rush. As it stands she would have to wait until the fall testing anyway.  

Legend is focusing mainly on tracking right now and also learning some tricks just for fun.  She will also be starting a Nosework class next month.  I think she will enjoy this since she likes tracking and the intructor said the sports complement each other well.  Tracking seems to be going well.  I don't think she's ready to test yet, but getting there.  Progress is a little slow this time of year.  I know hard core tracking people go out in all weather.  I do not.  And I work...sometimes.  I have tried to go out when it's less than ideal though, so that's pretty good for me.  I also ordered two books on training for the upper levels of tracking. The pass rates for these tests appear somewhat abysmal, which was discouraging.  But we'll just have fun and do what we can.  First things first-pass the TD, which I think is very doable.  She was also chosen to do a photo shoot for Banfield next month-much like Lyric did last year.  They requested a border collie that can tug.  Not hard to find one of those, but, her video was a huge hit and she got picked.  I have also recently decreased her phenobarb dose again-she's only on 1/2 pill once a day now.  So far, so good.  

We finally got a great application on Cade.  Currently we are waiting on the home visit.  I'll keep you updated but cross your fingers.  

After  2 months of foot issues I've gotten back up to almost 20 miles a week running so hopefully will be in good shape by the spring races.  We have a few races this weekend-taking a 4 day roadtrip to hit some unique runs (more on that when I get back) and a few weeks ago we ran the Springfield Diva Dash.  In true Diva fashion we ran in tutus.  I made it myself-here is a link to the photo.  

We also have a few more projects planned for the house-seems like one project leads to another.  More on those to come as well.  


Diana said...

Very cute!! And look at you passing those young girls!!! WTG!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit.