Thursday, January 9, 2014


I've had enough of winter.  I was supposed to work every day this week.  That's not how it went down. 

Monday was my day to go do surgeries at the shelter.  Weather and road conditions prohibited this.

Tuesday I could have made it work, but so many appointments cancelled they said they didn't need me to come in.

Wednesday I went to work, but left after lunch since there were no more appointments and more bad weather coming.

Thursday is my day (this week just the morning shift) to work at a clinic out of town, but with yet another winter weather advisory in effect they decided to reschedule morning appointments.

The clinic I was supposed to work at tomorrow cancelled for non-weather related reasons (as well at 5 additional days about which I am not pleased, but it was kind of far away and the people are a little odd so other than the lack of paycheck I'm getting over it).

Between Saturday afternoon and Wednesday morning I didn't even leave the house.  Jerry has worked every day and is on a 2 day (well 36 hour) business trip to Denver.  So, I have been home alone.  A lot. The dogs are happy, but I'm sure they would have liked to spend me to spend more time (well, any time) playing outside with them.  

I have gotten a lot of drawers and cabinets cleaned out.  

Today I went to the bank and Wal-mart.  

I had to cook my own dinner tonight.  Not related to weather, but inconvenient.

Is winter over yet? Because "all I wanna be is DONE!"

FYI you can't turn this song up too loud.  I've checked.  

Tomorrow, we will likely return to vector borne diseases.  After all, it appears I will have the time. 

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