Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eat, drive, run.

 Not necessarily in that order.  This weekend Cheri and I took a road trip to do a couple of races in other states.  First stop was Alabama.  The race we chose here was the Krispy Kreme Challenge.  The idea was to run 2 miles, eat 12 Krispy Kremes, and run two miles back.  In less than an hour.  We were optimistic, but evidently eating 12 donuts in not something we can do.  To be fair these were not the hot, fresh, melt in your mouth donuts we were used to.  They were more like day-old, half frozen donuts.  So even if we felt like we could eat them all it was taking too long to chew.  After 3.5 donuts we threw in the towel and started the two miles back.  But for your viewing pleasure, here we are at the donut eating station.

And crossing the finish line after our failed attempt.
 After that we drove the rest of the way to Atlanta for the Hot Chocolate 15K like we did in Dallas last year.  The race went better than the previous day, maybe because there was no eating involved until the end.  Here we are enjoying our reward.
 And getting a quick pic before time to head for hot showers after our hot chocolate.
 We spent the rest of the day in Atlanta exploring the downtown and visiting the aquarium.

Then we had our traditional out of town dinner at Cheesecake factory before making the long drive back on monday.

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Karissa said...

That sounds like a fun little weekend trip! Bummer about the donuts. The entire idea behind that run is a little insane, but if Krispy Kreme is sponsoring it don't you think they could at least provide the good donuts? :o) Even still, I can't imagine the gut ache while running with 12 donuts on board...

I didn't know the Hot Chocolate 15K was some sort of national event. A friend did the one in St. Louis not that long ago and really enjoyed the experience.