Sunday, January 5, 2014

DIY Part 2

It's snowing here again.  But it's also insanely cold.  Like North Dakota cold.  So, no pictures.  

You may have remembered we had a part two of our garage remodel project.  Well, here it is, and fortunately we got all the shopping, loading and unloading done before the snow.  Although it was a bit chilly.  

Once we got the washer and dryer removed from the tiny "laundry" room, it left an awkward gap.  I wanted to have some cabinets built in for extra storage-mostly for recycling, and dog supplies.  We had a friend quote us for a custom design I had come up with but it was a little more than we wanted to spend so we spent a little time at Lowe's and Hope Depot exploring our options.  We ended up finding two unfinished cabinets that would work for what we wanted to do and would fit into our space perfectly.  The only hang-up was that even though they sell cabinets that are 1,2,3, and 5 feet long, they only sell pre-fabricated tops in 4 and 6 foot lenghts.  When questioned about this they explained that people often bought multiple cabinets.  While this is true you would still think the pre cut tops would match the size of the pre cut bottoms.  Also, they won't cut it for you.  Fortunately we had right right saw, just needed a new blade.  So, with all the supplies, stains, blades, brushes etc. we were able to complete the whole project for about half the cost of having them built and only spend a few hours of our time.  It turned out great and now all my dog stuff is consolidated into one convenient area, freeing up pantry and kitchen space for pantry and kitchen stuff.  And recyling is now in a convenient, out of sight location.

It's hard to get a good picture because this room is so narrow and you can't get one straight on.  

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Diana said...

Turned out beautiful!