Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July

We started off the day early by doing a 5K down at the Branson Landing. Unbelievably, I knocked a minute off my time from last week finishing in 24:19.  The course was a few 1/100s short but it still would have been faster than last week and still under 25:00.  Which I have only managed to do 3 times since college.  And one was on a course that we ran before GPS watches so may not have been accurate.  So, I was pretty pleased with that.  Guess I'll continue my current training plan!  Sadly though, this only earned me 4th in my age group.

Then we went home and cleaned up and rested.  We spent the afternoon and evening killing time in Silver Dollar City and shopping in Branson.  Then we spent the evening at home listening to the racket outside with all the neighbors shooting off fireworks.  Interestingly, Zodiac does not seem to be afraid of fireworks anymore.  He just slept in the living room like a normal evening.  Maybe he didn't hear them very well.  Lyric is mildly concerned but Legend was way worse than previous years.  She usually just lays in the bathroom or entryway  corner during thunder or fireworks but this year with fireworks she has laid in the corner panting and trembling for hours on end.  I guess next year I'll have some Xanax on hand and maybe try a thundershirt.

Today I spend most of the early afternoon bathing and brushing dogs.  We have had an incredible amount of hair to vacuum up lately so I figured they must be overdue for a grooming.  Based on the way the yard looks now that assumption was correct!  It looks like a dog exploded out there.

Tomorrow is a day of running errands and packing, Tuesday and Wednesday I'm working and Thursday morning off to Boston for a conference and some time with Kelly!

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