Thursday, July 16, 2015

Boston AVMA

Since my buddy Kelly now works for big pharma now I got to enjoy a lot of freebies at the CE conference this year.  I pretty much only paid for my conference fee, the plane ticket and a little food! Plus I got enough CE for two years so I double my value!

Kelly's company paid for her hotel room (which of of course I shared) in the upscale hotel adjoining the conference center, gas, parking and a lot of our meals.  She was also sweet enough to take me to and from the airport.

The first night we stayed at her house and I got to see her home and visit with her and her husband and of course Penny!
The next day we went to Plum Island is Mass, and enjoyed the beach for a bit (not the water, it was frigid) and then enjoyed lunch on the waterfront.

Then it was off to Boston.  On nights we weren't going out for free dinner I tried to get in some running.  I only managed one time, the others I was to tired from staying up late, going to classes and trudging around the exhibit hall all day.  But here is a picture.

The last night we met with a few friends from school and had a great time!
The next day I flew home, arrived back late in the evening-but anniversary flowers were waiting for me!

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