Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Good luck Moses

For many years Moses' only real function in life was to be Squirt's companion and occasionally cause me irritation and annoyance. But with the addition of Socks, we didn't necessarily need another companion horse, especially one that hogged the barn and bullied the other horses making them stand out in the rain or wait in the corner for scraps of  hay. Yet, Squirt seemed attached and the two were virtually always together. And really, who would want a stubborn, half-broke 20 year old gelding known to buck who hasn't been ridden in over a decade? 

Well, as it happens, at least a few people. I finally bit the bullet and responded to an ad on the local horse buying and selling page. I was surprised by the response I got and today his new owner picked him up. He was looking for a horse he could work with awhile and then give to a friend looking for a trail horse. 

I have kind of mixed feelings. Although I personally didn't really care for Moses that much, Squirt's reaction to his buddy leaving was kind of gut wrenching. He has since settled down and gone back to eating hay and hanging out with Socks. I know he will be fine but I still feel a little guilty separating them. And it will be weird to not see them together anymore. Beyond that I hope that Moses will be well cared for and happy. I didn't do much with him or for him but I don't want him to suffer or be neglected. Which is part of the reason I kept hanging on to him.  On the flip side, it opens the door (or gate) for a much nicer horse that should be more enjoyable for everyone! 

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