Monday, July 27, 2015


We get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again when people find out we are hosting an exchange student.  So in case you wondered which ones get asked, and what the answers are, here ya go!

1.  Where is she from? Not surprising I'm sure-this usually comes first!
Egypt.  And most people are surprised by this, I think they typically expect something a little less exotic.

2.  How old is she?
Almost 16.  Some people have expected that she would be college aged for some reason and I think others were thinking more like jr/sr aged.

3.  Do you have to teach her to drive?  Usually this follows the age question.
No.  They are actually not allowed to operate any motorized vehicle while here.  And driving age in Egypt is 18 so she's not missing out.

4.  Does she speak English/good English?
Yes.  This one always surprises me-she has to attend the public high school and maintain satisfactory grades, so  somewhat fluent English is a required for the program.

5.  What is her native language?

6. Is it expensive?
No, you are required to provide three meals a day and reasonable transportation to school events and exchange program events.  Plus the increased cost of electricity or water (if you have a water bill) for an additional person.  Additional costs for eating out, travel or other activities are at your discretion.  Scholarship students come with a monthly stipend plus an allowance for specific incidental costs.

7.  How long will she stay?
Approximately 10 months-she will return home sometime after the school year ends. 

8.  How is it determined which student you get?
You get to pick your student.  You can filter based on gender, country, scholarship vs non-scholarship, hobbies and interests.  They also write an essay, answer several questions and describe their daily life and activities.  You are also provided with basic academic and biographical information. 


Diana said...

I have a friend who has donet his several times. They always seem like they are having a great time.

Border Collie Mom said...

Oh, we have to get together while she is here so she can help Sarah with her Arabic!! :)