Monday, August 3, 2015

Record breaking

It's been awhile since I posted in concert photos of various quality, so here you go...

This weekend Linda and I trekked to KC for the Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean concert at Arrowhead.  The crowd set a record for the largest concert ever at Arrowhead with 57,368 attendees!

The day was hot, and we basically sweltered through the first two opening acts of Cole Swindell and Brantley Gilbert.  Neither of whom I was too excited about.  By the time Jason came on the sun was setting and a pleasant breeze was keeping everyone comfortable.  He had some cool graphics and lots of fireworks as part of his set but otherwise his performance just kind of mediocre.  Kenny was great, as expected and he hit a lot of my favorite songs.  Then he and Jason did a four song encore together which was fun.

We had floor seats this year-which was nice because it gave us a chance to sit some, especially between acts, as well as leave to get a drink or use the restroom and still have a place to come back to.  They were towards the back though which makes it hard for me to see the actual stage.  There were definite pros and cons to being on the floor vs the pit, now sure which was better!  I also wish I had wanted to see the opening acts more this year-if you are going to be somewhere for 6 hours it's nice to want to see more than one of the performers!  But, here are the photos.

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