Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Around here

Things have stayed pretty busy around here.  I have had my regular work, plus filling a few additional places and even working a Saturday this weekend.

It's also time to start getting more serious about my running again as we have a half-marathon in a few months.  My miles, although based on race times have been pretty good quality have not been much in number.  This whole summer it has either been hot or rainy.  I feel like we are always under some kind of warning-flash flood, heat, thunderstorm...anyway, puts in a kink in my running plans.  But our grass is way greener than it usually is in August.

Polly was adopted by a client at the clinic and he seems quite happy with her.

We are making our final preparations for Nadin's arrival because as Jerry said "they're really going to let us do this." We have a few things left to do to get her room 100% ready.  I have been taking care of the school paperwork and hoping to get a call from the counselor soon to set up an appointment for Friday to pick classes.  Also waiting to hear back from the nurse to make sure she doesn't need any more vaccines and we have set up our official Parent Portal via the school website and are getting frequent emails about things like lunches and online registration forms. And tonight we attend the orientation so we can take notes on the important things she needs to know.

Legend got her confirmation for her NADAC champs entry for the fall.  And the week after that she will make another attempt at getting her NW1, as well as an interior element specialty title.

Lyric takes over full time therapy dog duties next month.

Zodiac sleeps a lot and doesn't always get around good but otherwise seems ok.

Twix refuses to grow up.

Sundae needs to be in your lap at all times.

Touchdown, who had a dental cleaning and many teeth pulled earlier this summer, continues to do well-she feels much better, is gaining weight, and is able to eat more comfortably.

Jimmy Dean is obese.

Socks and Squirt and happy to not be bullied anymore and are enjoying the late summer grass that we don't usually have here.

Summer is mostly lazy and a little bit fat.

The barn cats are wishing it wasn't so hot but do enjoy bringing home fast food leftovers from the neighbor's trash.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Dean is the one that needs teeth pulled. After all he did bite your Dad.



K-Koira said...

I don't know why, but when I try to load your page, if I click away before it is fully loaded, your page redirects to various other websites, mostly spammy things selling things. Not sure if it is something you know about, or are trying to fix, or what, but wanted you to be aware in case you didn't know.