Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to school

Yesterday was Nadin's first day of school. I'd like to say that it went well but thanks again to the school system, not so much. First off they gave us the wrong pick up and drop off times for the bus. We should have been suspicious of this for two reasons. First-they told us pick up at 6:35 but the bus came at 7:05 during the practice run.  But since they told us 6:35, we went out and waited. Until 7:05 when the bus came. They also told us that drop off would be at 3:20. Which is never gonna happen unless the kids are on the bus out of the parking lot and headed directly to our house right at three. 

Next, no one told us that the bus also serves the junior high and stops there first. So she got off at the junior high and ultimately had to be directed up the hill to the senior high school. After this all seemed good until I got a call at 4:20 saying they had also told us the wrong bus number and could I give directions to the driver so she could get home. Finally got it all straightened out and today was somewhat smoother. Hopefully things continue to improve as the year goes on. 

We did get the requisite first day photo at least!

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Diana said...

Don't feel like its just you guys. Even those of us who have had kids in the school system for years, have first days like yours. Almost every first day my son got on the wrong bus because they changed the bus number during the day but he didn't hear the announcement. It will get better. They bus will start moving faster, as everyone learns the routines