Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Well deserved

The day Zodiac came to our house, he got out of the car, walked over to me-a perfect stranger-and leaned against my leg to get petted.  And my new pet therapy dog stood before me.  Within the year he became officially certified with TDI and began making visits.  The next year when we moved he became certified with the local Pet Therapy of the Ozarks group and for a decade has been making visits for them.

Over 11 years he has been involved in group performances, obedience demonstrations, visited schools, nursing homes, churches, libraries, hospitals, the young, old, disabled, ill and everyone in between.  For the last several years he and Corgi Ella have visited the Pediatric unit at the hospital, lifting the spirits of sick children, their families, and caretakers.  Tonight both Zodiac (age 14.5) and Ella (age 12) made their last visit and will be enjoying a well deserved retirement.

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Diana said...

So bitter sweet! How lucky you both were to find each other.