Sunday, August 30, 2015

Orientation and Flag ceremony

This Saturday the exchange students had an all day orientation followed by some family activities and then more orientation.  Bright and early we headed to Springfield where we picked up two additional girls being hosted by the same family.  These three girls are each from a different continent-Asia, Europe, and Africa.
After we dropped the kids off in Lebanon Jerry and I did some shopping and had lunch in Osage Beach.  The kids (10 so far, two more will be coming in the next few weeks) spend the day with our local coordinator going over the rules, requirements, and activities associated with the program.  I was assured this was fun, even though it doesn't sound like it!

At 3;00 or so the parents and families returned to set up for the potluck.  But first was the exchange of flags ceremony where we all got to be introduced as a host family and then have our student introduced.  The families got to tell a bit about themselves and their previous students (I think we were the only first time parents) many of whom they are still in regular contact with.  It was also really neat to see where all the students were from and a little about their home life and how they feel about being in America with their host families.  During the ceremony each student gave their host mom a card and flowers and their dad the flag of their country.  Joyce-the coordinator gave each student an American flag.

After this there was a potluck dinner and time to visit and take photos.

Kids got to eat first...just this once!~
 Nadin and a young lady from Spain
 New friend from Indonesia

 The whole group! They hail from Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Indonesia, Senegal, Ghana, Spain, and Egypt.

In other exchange news I have had to explain over the counter, horseplay, and dog tags -the military kind.  She has also commented on how well people here obey the traffic rules and seemed surprised at how many people wave as they drive, walk or run by.

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