Friday, August 14, 2015


Very busy day today! But successfully got everything accomplished we set out to do. 

First up was getting registered for classes, taking a tour of the school and getting bus times confirmed. We were pleased with the help we got from the counselor today-I had been a little frustrated with the school up to this point but today was better. They do a weird thing though-they code all exchange students as seniors regardless of their age. This allows them to participate in things like prom and graduation if they want. But since she is only 15 she will actually be in sophomore classes and may or may not really get to know any seniors. 

Next up was getting a booster shot at the health department. It was free but took an inordinate amount of time. 

On to the bank where we set her up with a checking account so she can cash and deposit her stipend checks and fund a debit card. 

AT&T was next so we could get her an American phone line. Surprisingly, this ended up being the easiest stop of the day. 

Our last important errand was her first trip to Wal-mart for a few school supplies and groceries. Then we relaxed at home for a bit and took care of some paperwork before heading out for a Mexican dinner. 

On the home front all the dogs and Sundae have happily accepted their new sibling. Twix is slowly coming around. Now time to rest up and enjoy a few days before school starts. 

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