Saturday, August 22, 2015

Family tradition

Nadin did her first 5K road race today.  Last weekend when I asked her if she wanted to try it, she didn't realize how intense her gym class would be, but like a trooper, she got up early on the weekend, headed out in the cool morning and light rain and ran through her soreness.  Not bad for a first timer!

Jerry even came along to watch and cheer and take race pictures for us!

The before picture...

 Racing to the finish...I totally beat that guy by the way.

 Finishing with a smile-I call that a win!

The after picture...while talking to the newspaper photographer.
I ran a respectable 25:45, not as fast as last month but this course was hillier.  Sadly though we all waited around to see if we placed in the age groups (Cheri, Linda, and Grace also ran) but they only gave out first overall awards.  Had we known we would have left sooner and gotten a jump start on our post-race napping!

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