Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GOAL Round 2

When we first decided to have two trials this year, we weren't sure if we would end up with enough entries to support them.  We thought maybe people would come to one and not the other.  We shouldn't have.  This was our biggest trial ever with more than 850 runs for the weekend. It appears to have been a huge success!

The girls were quite successful too!  Legend was 5/7 and Lyric 5/6.  Most notably Legend picked up a TNG Q and well as a Chances.  Leaving her 5 Qs away from NATCH 2.  It did leave us one TNG Q short of having all the points for champs but I sent my entries in anyway this week.  Hopefully no issues with that since I'm on a team!

In other news sweet little Polly is moving back to the clinic tomorrow.  There is nothing else I can really do for her rehab wise.  And despite Petfinder and being shared all over FB and taken to two agility trials I've had no serious inquiries about her.  At least at the clinic she will get exposed to potential adopters every day. And she will get to play with the other resident dogs up front and the staff, so it's not like living in a shelter and being in a cage all day.  The clinic dogs-permanent and adoptable actually have it pretty good.  I feel kind of sad, but I think it's the right choice.  And it gives us a few weeks of "normal" before we add another person to the household!

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