Monday, January 24, 2011

Bags, bags, bags

When I got my laptop I wanted a bag/case to carry it in but I wanted one that was cuter than the boring black ones they sell in the store.  So of course I went to Etsy and found this great store Zoe's Bag Boutique.  I can't recommend it enough. There are lots of choices of bags, totes, purses and carrying cases with tons of cool fabrics.  If you don't find exactly what you want she will be happy to work with you on a custom order.  I had her make me this laptop case and messenger bag-so cute!  Way better than from Best Buy.
The laptop case will fit inside the other bag making the whole setup perfect for work, conferences, whatever.  Even with a custom order it was finished and shipped very fast and Karen was always super fast at getting back to me out finding out exactly what I wanted and updating  me on the status of my order.

While we are on the subject of bags I have to share some of the other shops on Etsy I found in case some of you have little ones in your life.  I bought a child's backpack from each of these shops as Christmas presents for the kids on our list.  Both turned out beyond cute and were very good quality.  Etsy is the place to shop!
All About You Design

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Happy Shopping!


Diana said...

Very nice!

Kathy said...

I LOVE Etsy! Really nice bag!

Sue said...

That little pink tote is adorable. I love browsing thru Etsy. There are some neat shops there.

tervnmal said...

Love it, beautiful colors. I am a confirmed bag freak. Think I need another fix.