Wednesday, May 16, 2012


They say a picture is worth a thousand words but this one is worth at least a thousand miles-between the training miles and the travel miles we definitely exceeded that mark!

Ok, so the important stuff first.  Obviously, we finished.  Now the details.  Our time was approximately 2:12:30 which was about three minutes faster than "gun" time, which means it took us three minutes from our place in the pack until we actually crossed the start line!  And of over 2,300 runners we finished in the first half both overall and in our respective age groups.  Not bad for first-timers.  I was holding back so we could run together which means next time I'm shooting for under two hours.  Oh, and those medals have actual corkscrews on them and we were afraid they would not let us take them on the plane so we checked a bag on the way home. 

Now, about the rest of the trip.  It did not start well.  As soon as we arrived at our gate in the Springfield airport we say our plane was delayed.  And then delayed again.  And then a little more.  Then, finally, we got on the plane!  And then back off.  Some mechanical issue this time.  So we missed our connection and spend 5 fun-filled hours in the Memphis airport.  We eventually reached our final destination at 3AM Missouri time.  Good thing we planned an extra day in there!

But Friday morning we woke to warm and sunny California.  Not.  It was cool and misty and foggy at the beach and remained that way for most of our trip.  Friday we did head up to the cute little Dutch town of Solvang, where the race ends, to check in and do some shopping.  At least it was warm and sunny there and we were hopeful the next day would be equally as beautiful.

But it wasn't.  Saturday dawned cool and foggy, even away from the coast and did not clear until we had nearly finished the race.  So we were pretty bummed to not get to see all the beautiful scenery we had been promised on the course.  We could see the up-close parts but not the vast vineyards and lavender fields. 

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with Cheri's family in Burbank, where it was warm and sunny, unlike the beach.  There were some lovely flowery backgrounds for pictures.

Me and Mom
Cheri, Me, and our Moms

Finally, Monday we had a (relatively) warm and sunny day at the beach.
 See the seal in this one?

One more critter for you-Cheri's cousin has a Desert Tortoise, coolest pet ever!  Meet Parker...


Sara said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment.

Diana said...


Karissa said...

Congratulations on not only finishing (which is huge in itself!) but post a great time as well. That's amazing.

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

tervnmal said...

Congrats! What an achievement! Enjoyed the pics very much - not Midwestern corn fields. ( :

Nicole said...

what an accomplishment!! congrats! that's awesome, the beach looks beautiful!

Blue said...


Kathy said...

congrats on such an awesome accomplishment, I am so impressed. the beach pictures are awesome. I am sorry I get your posts in my mailbox and get to read them right away but have to wait until I get on the big computer to comment, but I love reading your blog and you have been doing so many fun things it is very fun to follow!!!!

Nicki said...

Thanks all. And Kathy-glad you enjoy!