Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Funnies before I leave

Owner calls because her groomer noticed her dog had an infected toe and she wants to bring the dog in.  In my mind I'm thinking a hairy, unkempt farm dog that the owner rarely looks at.  In reality it was a smooth coated Daschund house pet.  Anyway, the nail is just broken, not infected.  So we trimmed it, put on some quick stop and sent the dog back up front where the receptionist relays the news.  Owner responds with "but the groomer said it was infected."  Really?  Did the groomer go to veterinary school?  Our somewhat blunt receptionist pointed out that the vet looked at it and says it's not.  Nothing against groomers here-at least someone noticed the dog needed attention.  Oh wait-turns out the owner did notice the toe bleeding off and on for a few weeks but didn't think that was a problem until the groomer told her it was infected.  Sigh.

Owner two, new client no less, walks in (grrr) around 4PM with a dog who has a skin condition.  A very chronic (no way it started yesterday), greasy, oily, thickened, flea-ridden, infected, skin condition.  Apparently she only sought medical attention because she also took her dog to the local groomer for a nail trim and they refused to see the dog stating it needed to see a vet.  Yay!  I guess otherwise they were going to just let this dog suffer.  Actually they still are-apparently they took the medications but declined flea prevention at check out.  Sigh.  Doubt I'll be seeing that one for a recheck.  Evidently she was was convinced the dog had mange and wasn't concerned about the actual problems.  I guess I should have told her it was mange and frontline will fix it.  Oh, and as a bonus she had her other dog in the car and offered to bring it in so I could see the difference.  Um, no thanks-interestingly enough I do know what a normal dog looks like.


Sara said...

LOL. I bet owners telling you what the problem is happens a lot more now, due to google self diagnosis!

I guess we should just be grateful that these people aren't brain surgeons.

Amish Stories said...

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