Friday, May 25, 2012

This week's observations.

I'm not sure why people insist upon having their dog's front dewclaws removed. I usually strongly discourage this nonsense but if you do choose this route I would not suggest taking off the e-collar because the puppy doesn't like it and then wrapping the foot bandages in duct tape.

I also don't understand why people request tail docks on mixed breed dogs. I always decline to do this procedure and quite frankly am super close to declining tail docks on any dog of any age or breed (except for medical reasons). But I'm not the only veterinarian in the world so rest assured this procedure does get done. Although I'm not sure what the point is.

And in a true WTF scenario I saw someone walking a SHAVED BOXER while I was at lunch yesterday. Seriously? Who does that benefit? People are so weird.

Just need to get through today then off to Purina Farms for some agility in the sun!


Kathy said...

Shaved boxers? Really. I think most things are on dogs/ people for a reason and people ought to take a minute to think before they start lopping things off people or dogs!

Paws on the Run said...

I'm with ya on the tail dockings! I really don't see the point. Same with the ears.

charlene and Storm said...

totally agree with you, i dont see why you cant leave dogs the way they were born to be :) it really hurt me to have to trim storms back leg hair off a little bit cos when he would squat to poo his hair was so long his poo was landing on the hair and not the grass LOL!!!! so no storm is not quite the way god made him, sorry he he xxx

Elizabeth said...

In Nova Scotia the Veterinary Association banned tail docking and ear cropping but still allow declawing of cats.. wish that was banned as well.