Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Funraiser

This was the hottest weekend at Purina Farms ever! Temps were in the 90s every day but fortunately the trial was small and we finished around noon every day, after an early start.

So the good news first.  Legend got two Elite Chances Qs!  That finished her title and gives us only 10 more to go for her NATCH (plus 4 regular and 1 jumpers). Who knew she would get her elite chances title before her novice touch and go!! But I'm so happy to see all our training actually pay off.  The courses contained several of the elements we had been working on and she did them like a pro.  She also did all but one discrimination and had zero A-frame refusals over the three days.  The bad news is that she only got 3 Qs total-picked up an awesome elite tunnelers Q in addition to the two chances.  She was back to running around some hoops this weekend, had a couple off courses, and a bar down.  So no really bad runs, but always just one thing.  But her tunnelers Q at the end of the weekend is probably her fastest ever at just over 6 yps.

Here is a video of one of the Chances runs.  She wasn't running fast but that really does't matter in chances.

Lyric was another story.  She did not have a good weekend.  Some of her early morning runs she was super wild and out of control  Very cute, but not productive.  Also it zapped some of her energy for the rest of the day.  And her obstacle commitment was terrible-she was running around stuff was right in her path which is not usually like her.  Plus she only did a ton of tunnel sucking and only got one discrimination correct when when she as supposed to take the contact and not the tunnel.  And then she just got too hot and pooped out on some of her runs.  But here is a video of her entertaining the crowd one morning.

For those of you who do NADAC we also got to try the proposed new barrel obstacle.  It's about as fun as a hoop but Lyric ran right around it like you are supposed to with no training.  We also ran the same course back to back for round one and two of various events.  That really didn't seem beneficial or detrimental to my dogs as they messed up different things or the same things both runs.  Or Q'd the first run and not the second.  In most cases I think I would just prefer a fresh course but when it's 95 outside less course building, waiting, and walking was ok.

We have a pretty light schedule the rest of the summer only about one trial a month, maybe two in June.  That leaves lots of time for training or better yet hitting the pool and the lake!


Karissa said...

Congratulations on getting TWO Chances Q's!!! I always say I don't care how many NQ's I get in a weekend if I get even one Chances. lol Hopefully Kaiser can pull that off at our next NADAC trial in July since that's all he has left. lol

And oh my goodness, Lyric's run was priceless. If you can harness that speed & enthusiasm you have a 100+ DRI dog on your hands. :o)

I still have no interest in barrels or running the same course twice in a row. ;o) I would just find it boring, but apparently that's MY problem for not "making the course exciting" for myself.

Nicki said...

Yeah-I made the mistake of saying I nothing really matters right now except chances Qs. They took that quite literally. And I still think my dogs would rather do a tunnel than a barrel, as would I. But we all know our opinions don't really matter.

Kathy said...

Boy that looked hot! glad you guys got done early. Congrats on the Qs!