Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not this weekend

So the general consensus is that she is waiting to finish at our local Springfield trial next month. Where we are still wait-listed for 3 of our runs.

Anyway-here's how it went.  Yesterday we had a shot.  After a slightly wild standard run all we had to do was a pretty fair jumpers course.  The second obstacle was the weaves and I planned a front cross after them.  That's where I blew it-I knew I needed to take a step or two after the weaves before I rotated to make sure she stayed in but I got anxious and turned too soon.  Oh well.  Today she had a really lovely standard run except for the off course jump after the teeter.  The opening was jump, dogwalk, jump, a-frame.  We all know the potential issue that causes for her but she did it all!  Then after the a-frame was  a U-shaped tunnel where they needed to choose the close end.  I started my RFP while she was coming down and she was already turning towards me on the down contact-what a good girl.  Then a line to the teeter including a tight front cross-perfect.  After the teeter I was supposed to push her away from me to a tunnel but she blasted away to the jump straight ahead.  I didn't think that would be too much of a problem but she did the teeter faster than I expected.  Just for fun I threw in a blind cross at the triple near then end, which she read beautifully.  Overall I think she's running well these days.  Her starts are not that fast but the rest of her runs I feel are consistently nice.

We left after standard to make better use of the day.  I don't really need to the points since we are not trying to qualify for nationals and it was getting warm so I didn't figure Lyric would get that many points even if she Q'd.  She continues to bail off the teeter (and refuse the table) and today she was even suspicious of the other contacts again.  So I've scratched her from standard in the June trial and plan not to enter her again in standard until fall.  Which really isn't that big a deal since the only other AKC trial I had planned for sure is Springfield's other trial in August.  In the meantime I am finding everyone local with a teeter and taking her there. Maybe things will be better for her this fall.  This year we might end up focusing more on NADAC.  I'm wanting to bring both dogs to champs next year since they should be in the midwest again and work on Legend's NATCH.  Next year hopefully Lyric will be more ready to succeed in AKC, in addition to eventually getting her MACH and qualifying for nationals, if she gets good enough I want to give her a shot at invitationals.  All big dreams right now since she won't even do all the obstacles!


Greg S said...

Sorry you didnt get it this weekend, but it does sound like you were really close. Hopefully next time!

Karissa said...

What a bummer. Sorry it wasn't your weekend. Next time!

Kathy said...

wish you were closer you could definately come use my teeter, I have two very different ones .

Nicki said...

Thanks anyway!