Sunday, May 20, 2012

My growing boy

Ready for more baby bunny pictures?  These were actually taken before I left for California.  I don't know what he weighed then, but he's a whopping 6.8 lbs now!  Three pounds more than when we brought him home!

Here he is playing with Legend's stuffed bunny-seems appropriate I guess.

 And getting a gentle bop on the head by Icy.
Now on a totally unrelated now here is Jerry on the guitar and Kennedy on the fly swatter.  Yep, fly swatter-clearly we know a thing or two about providing appropriate toys to children in this household.
Along those same lines, she has become pretty adept at running across the dogwalk by herselfAnother suitable activity for a three year old don't you think?  Good thing we don't have kids of our own right? And if you are wondering, yes, she also does weave poles but sometimes pops out. 


Diana said...

LOL, cute!!

Kathy said...

will she be doing a running contact on that dog walk? LOL, love watching kids be creative with toys like fly swatters and dog walks. Love the bunny pictures, talk about thrieving ;-)

Nicki said...

Yes, running contacts for sure!

Melinda Wichmann said...

Adorable, adorable bunny pics.