Sunday, October 14, 2012

Abby update

Abby is doing great!  She's housebroken, crate trained, never barks, likes kids and is getting along with everyone in the house. 

She's a little afraid of thunder but as long as you just put her in her crate and don't make her go outside she does fine. 

She's actually so well behaved we've been letting her sleep loose and stay in the bedroom with out dogs when we are not home. 

However, she is a pretty good beggar and I think would try counter-surfing given enough time and opportunity. 

She loves all her balls and is starting to play with the other toys as well. 

It seems like she might have some herding instinct but because she is still overweight and out of shape it's hard to tell how much sustained interest she might have.  But hopefully she's losing some weight-I plan to get her on the scale again this week. 

In other news I have been taking Legend running with  me some days now that it's cooler.   At first she didn't seem to be that impressed but I think she's starting to enjoy it more.  There are a few 5Ks that we can do with dogs so I want to have her ready for that.  I'd like to say it wears her down some too, but she had a pretty quick rebound time so not as much luck there. 

Yesterday the girls and I ran a 10K.  We all finished under an hour and although I was a little slower than the previous 10k it was better than I expected.  Next year I hope to get under 50 minutes at some point.  Don't think I'll get there this year as the last planned 10k we have in next weekend. 

And after that three weekend of agility in a row!  And yes, we have been doing some training.  Lyric is still working hard on teeter, table and weaves but we are also doing some discriminations since we have a lot of NADAC planned.  She runs hot and cold on that.  But practice makes perfect.  Or, at least better.  Legend has been working on her contact retraining but throwing in some NADAC stuff as well-hoping to finish that NATCH next year. 

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