Sunday, October 7, 2012


I know this is a truly intense post-pictures of our new carpet.  So please, share in our joy.  Seriously though, we are very pleased with it except for one thing.  My Dyson has so much suction you can't hardly push it on the new carpet.  So we had to add a second, cheap vacuum to use on my expensive new carpet.  Ironic. 


Sue said...

But it's not purple!!!

Diana said...

Looks beautiful!!!!

Henry Gay said...

First of all, that’s a great color of carpet! Secondly, I think you did the right thing in buying a vacuum cleaner that’s kinder on your carpet’s fabric than your old one. If you’re not using the old one anymore, maybe you can just sell it. Don’t vacuum your carpet too much though, because that might cause the pile to loosen.