Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keep on truckin'

Given the lovely fall weather I figured I needed to get out of the house and practice some agility   Legend did a couple of perfect A-frames, ran up, ran down, and did a perfct 2o2o and released on command.  So we are at least getting somewhere in our training.  Even if it doesn't show in a trial!  I also practiced some discriminations and they were both 100%.  Not surprising for Legend, since she is usually pretty good but for Lyric it's a nice improvement.  There might be some hope for my little tunnel-sucking diva yet.

Then we went out for a run.  Did I mention I have been taking Legend running with me when I can?  We figured, in addition to providing me with some companionship, that it might make her a little more tired when we try to watch TV at night.  Really, the difference seems to be marginal so I may in fact just be making her more fit which could end up being counterproductive to a peaceful evening.  But that's ok.  The reason I ended up with a BC in the first place is I wanted a running buddy.  And I love that they are always up for anything, anytime.  At first she seemed a little unsure of this whole running thing but the more we go, the more she seems to like it.  And she has acclimated pretty quick.  In no time at all she has gotten to where she runs 7 plus miles with no trouble.  And then wants to play ball when we get back home.  So if this whole agility thing doesn't work out, we can always just run!

And for the first time in maybe ever I have run greater than 100 miles in a month.  It seems agility-free weekends and part time work can do wonders for your monthly mileage.

Abby went off to her new home today.  She went to a great family of a very active retired couple and a handsome older border collie.  They all seem delighted with the situation.  In fact she jumped right into their car and settled down on the back seat for the ride home.  Later, I was thinking it always seems to go that way.  Pretty much every foster dog I have ever had simply walks away, tail wagging, without ever looking back.  I suppose that could make me sad but I'd like to believe they know what's going on, and that this new home is forever and that's why they don't look back.  Either way it's a happy ending for all.  I should know, I have three happy endings living here.

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tervnmal said...

I have to laugh - all the exercise I give Phoenix just seems to build stamina so he can be wild and crazy even longer!