Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lyric's Party

According to the only records we have, today is Lyric's birthday-six years old already!  So, naturally we had a party! Yesterday I picked up some special goodies on my way home from work-they looked just perfect for the special occasion.
 I tried to get Lyric to pose with the cake, but the temptation was too much.  She had to go for the icing.
 Really, there was no stopping her.
Don't worry.  Shortly after this I divided everything up and she shared (if reluctantly) with her brother and sisters.  I'm pretty sure Abby thinks she has stumbled upon the best place ever-but since birthday cake isn't really part of her diet plan she has to skip dinner.  I haven't told her yet.


Diana said...

Happy Birthday Lyric!!!

Sara said...

WHat adorable treats! Happy Birthday Lyric!

Sue said...

THose look good enough for a human party. Happy birthday Lyric.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Lyric!!!!