Sunday, February 24, 2013


Despite being freezing cold in the barn/arena this weekend we came away with a fair amount of success.  To be fair, there was one room that was moderately well heated but no dogs allowed so the kiddos had to stay out in the stalls and freeze.  But they seemed ok.  

Legend LOVED running novice preferred.  I'm sure it was a combination of the cool weather, sitting in her crate all day, lower jumps and simple courses but her jumpers times were a solid 1/2 yard per second faster than what I normally consider "good" for her.  She had clean runs all three days including running with Cheri on saturday.  We really had a good time-in fact she was so hyped up today she didn't let me get the two jump lead out I had planned and started before I called her.  She never does that.  So, it was bad, but good. Get it?  Anyway, it was like a whole new dog.  Standard was also fun but she was still haunted by the phantom of the a-frame.  She had refusals on it Friday and Satuday but did it the first time today.  But it was obstacle 13.  But since it's novice she still came away with 6/6 Qs for the weekend.  

Lyric was mostly awesome.  All weekend she was running fast and handling well.  She was driving to the obstacles, letting me rear cross and doing tunnel entrance discriminations like a champ.  Friday she even got first in jumpers.  Then she had a little weave pole trouble in standard but did the teeter.  Saturday...are you ready for this...she actually QQ'd  for the first time in almost a year and a half.  I thought we were on a roll but today, after a lovely jumpers Q, she failed to weave in standard and bailed off the teeter.  Ugh.  Looks like we will be back at the fun run here in two weeks doing more teeters.  At least we have until May before the next AKC trial.  Hopefully this won't be a big setback.  

And yes, I know that based on the new rule I did not have to start Legend over in novice.  But seriously-we had so much fun, why wouldn't I?  The other 6 blue ribbons are hers-we were the only novice preferred 16 inch this weekend.  But who's to say she wouldn't have been first anyway?

I made this on my phone.  I just had to share because it's so stinking cute. 


Diana said...

Congrats on your weekend!! Great picture too!

Karissa said...

Yay for Lyric's QQ! :o) Hope she keeps it up! Regardless, she's still stinking cute!

I was going to ask why you dropped down to Novice with Legend, but you answered it for me already. lol And that sounds like as good a reason as any!