Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mass confusion

Also known as, more dog bed stuff.  So as you know we have a small, medium, and large dog bed.  Usually Zodiac sleeps in "small" and the girls sleep in "medium" or with us.  Alternately, Zodiac sleeps in "medium" and the girls either share with him or us.

The other night Lyric was in "small" and Legend was on Zodiac's "side" of "medium."  Quinn (yes we have been letting him sleep loose) was in "large."  Zodiac was confused about what to do.  I tried to get him to get in bed with us but he's pretty hesitant to jump on the bed from the new flooring-too slick. But, never fear, Quinn was curious about the commotion and abandoned "large" to see what was going on.  Zodiac didn't let the opportunity go to waste and grabbed Quinn's spot.  That left Quinn confused.  He tried the floor but decided he didn't like that and ultimately ended up squeezing onto "large" with Zodiac.

By morning all was different anyway.  Never a dull moment.

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Anonymous said...

Well bed decisions are very impawtant!! BOL