Friday, February 1, 2013

My Baby Z

My boy is 12 years young today.  He may be a little more gray every year but he's still as handsome and sweet as ever. 

No party pics today though.  He's getting a little ice cream but cake has to wait.  I wanted to make something with limited ingredients to see how Lyric does with it.  But we are leaving town today so I don't want to find out that it didn't go well while we are on the road!  So this lucky boy will get two special days.  But, he deserves it.  


tervnmal said...

Happy birthday, you handsome fellow!

Sue said...

Happy birthday Zodiac. It's a pleasure to share a birthday with you. Have a good one.

Karissa said...

Happy Birthday, Zodiac! You look Maaaaah-valous!