Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photo shoot-take two

These pictures are at least a little better than yesterday.  He's not an easy dog to photograph.  He isn't particularly interested in standing still and he's not overly excited about treats or toys so most of the photos turned out with him looking in the opposite direction.  It didn't help that I was running out of daylight and there was no sunshine.  But, it's a start. 

He was quiet as a mouse in his crate last night-has only barked once or twice at the cat.  The first time I let him out of his crate yesterday he walked about two steps and lifted his leg on a piece of furniture.  I promptly make it clear that was not acceptable behavior and so far he has not offered to hike in the house again.  Outside if fair game-even if he doesn't make it off the deck.  Fair enough.  Zodiac doesn't always make it off the deck either. 

In fact yesterday Quinn and Zodiac were traveling the yard together taking turns marking everything.  I informed Jerry that the boys were literally having a pissing match.  Boys will be boys I guess. 

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