Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Look what we got!

This big fellow is our new foster dog, Quinn.  The shelter was calling him Hector, which I did not like.  "Quinn" is Irish in origin and loosely means intelligent.  This shelter is really easy to work with (we also got Holli, Abby, and a few other MOKAN grads there) but they have terrible names.  Anyway, Quinn was picked up as a stray and was running out of time.

I've only had him a few hours but he's a nice boy.  Good in the car, good for his heartworm test and microchip and let me shove a huge dewormer down his throat.  He was also good for bathing and brushing.  He's quiet in his crate, takes treats gently and likes dogs and cats. 

Other than being a little naughty about coming inside after playing (I had to go out in the rain and get him) he only has one bad habit that I have noticed so far.  He marks.  A lot.  Especially for a neutered dog.  I was hoping that wouldn't be the case when I discovered he was neutered already but hopefully he will get that out of his system soon enough.  Because right now he can't be off the leash when he's out of his crate in the house.  I have no idea how long ago he was neutered.  He was found that way. 

I think he's about 3 years old.  And I mentioned big-this guy is a solid 54 pounds!  And not fat.  I might like him a bit leaner but he's certainly not overweight.  I'm undecided but think he might be mixed with Aussie. 

These pictures don't really do him justice-he's actually very handsome but wouldn't look at the camera for me, and also inside pics are never good.  I hope to have better ones soon.  And should know more about him as well. 


Karissa said...

Welcome, Quinn! May you find your forever home soon!

Meanwhile, stop peeing on everything. New adopters don't tend to look so favorably on that sort of thing. ;o)

Elizabeth said...

Do you use the pop up flash on your camera or do you have a flash attached to your camera?
If you have not looked into a diffuser yet they make a world of difference. There is even one for the popup flash on the camera.
You don't need to buy an expensive one, the knockoffs work just as well and are pretty darn cheap..

Nicki said...

It's just a point and shoot camera-nothing fancy :(