Friday, January 4, 2013

Dog stuff

Legend is still enjoying going running.  The cooler weather doesn't bother her but I'm already ready for spring.  And of course today's 3.75 miles were not enough for her so...are you ready for this?  We did some agility!  First time in at least a month I think.  We just a little of everything-contacts, discriminations, distance, weaves.  The usual suspects.  She did well.

Lyric got to play too.  She worked teeter, table, weaves and discriminations.  All went pretty well.  Also did a few short sequences working on speed.  Speaking of Lyric, she is still having intermittent soft stool so she is now on a regimen of metronidazole and forti-flora (a probiotic).  I also dewormed her for good measure and, much to her dismay, removed all treats from her diet.  Hopefully this will get us back to square one and then I have unenviable task of figuring out which treats (and maybe which foods)  are bad and which are ok.  My theory thus far is some sort of food sensitivity because it seems worse after I know she's had treats.

Also, if this agility thing doesn't work her out, her modeling career is turning pro.  After being "discovered" at an agility trial last year she has been chosen as one of 15 dogs to be used in Banfield's annual advertising shoot.  The photos will be used throughout the year for brochures, store signs, the website etc.  And, it pays! Yay!

We are starting to pick out some trials for the spring but it gets a bit complicated when trying to schedule around running and factoring in that you have to enter AKC trials often before the NADAC trials have even posted on the schedule.  But, I guess that's not the worst problem to have is it?

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