Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scanning project-vet school

Our anatomy dog with his head cut in half.  I thought this was the coolest part.  And yes, that's a brain.  As you can see (well sort of given that his body is gone) he was a big, beefy pit-bull type.  To show you how desensitized we got to death I used to crave steak during the muscle dissection part.  Lab was long ok?  A person was bound to get hungry   I'll spare you the rest of the anatomy lab photos...unless you really want to see them.

 From a trip to a vet student convention in Colorado.  This was not a very educational experience for us as you can see.
 This was a cart of cadaver legs.  I presume we were reviewing anatomy or practicing suturing.
 Driving the mule team!
 Junior/Senior Banquet
 Selling dog food at the Gentle Doctor Benefit
 Getting ready for open house
 Mule club

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