Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun run and other stuff

A few weeks ago I took the girls to an AKC fun run put on by a new local agility group.  I wanted to take advantage of being able to use treats and toys in the ring.  Lyric thought this was a fantastic idea-she charged up the teeter with all the confidence in the world, did 3 perfect sets of 24 inch weave poles and hopped right up on the table.  I think that was a worthwhile experience for her.

Legend, I'm not so sure.  We did a lot of waiting in line before her turn, which usually doesn't help matters.  She seemed somewhat detached when we entered the ring as apposed to the last fun run we did where she went in wild.  And I didn't realize her frisbee wasn't in the car so all we had was  fleece tuggy, which isn't as good as her frisbee...at least not in the land of Legend.  So she started out kind of stressy and promptly refused the A-frame.  I showed her the toy, she relaxed, played and had fun doing all the contacts, weaves etc like a champ.  I'm not sure if that was a productive experience for her or not.  But we are no worse off for sure.

On the health side of things I finally resorted to giving Lyric i/d and only i/d.  Her stools became more or less normal so I started experimenting with treats.  Evidently Greenies are a no-go.  I reduced Legend's phenobarb dose by 25% at the beginning of the month-so far, so good.  Zodiac appears to remain in perfect health.  Saturday I found one of my barn cats covered in pus and puncture wounds.  But he seemed no worse for the wear, I cleaned him up and sent him on his way.  Everyone else seems fine.

Speaking of Zodiac, we did a pet therapy visit this afternoon with mentally handicapped teens.  Some of the cute questions they asked included "would you have brought him here if he was mean?" and "would he attack a bad guy?"  I assured them the answer to both of those was "no."

Last weekend we did a two day spay-day event at the shelter.  Technically we did spays and neuters but mostly spays.  Friday I did 23 cats-not too bad.  Saturday I did 22 dogs.  That was a lot of work.  Several were small, but most were adults and overweight.  All in all it was a successful event.

Lastly, a sample of some recent iPhone art.

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