Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scanning project-grown up stuff

From when we were dating

At a vet school function

I was an animal science major as an undergrad and every year the College of Agriculture puts on a fun show where you can choose a species of farm animal to show.  The first year I chose a horse-the obvious choice for me.  This was the one I was assigned.  I think her name was Black Mare.  
The next year I chose a sheep.  We had to shear them ourselves.  They did not trust students with good clippers.  It took me four hours over 3 days to shear the sheep.  The next year I did not participate and then I went to vet school.

 Physics lab

 Back in the days of one dog and one cat
A family photo-pre Legend and Lyric
 The three amigos
 OK-so maybe not so grown up

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Sue said...

Four hours over three days to shear a sheep. That's faster than I can shear one of the PWDs.